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Go Bag/ Bug out bag for dogs?

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Well hello everyone! Im new to the forum and still learning my way around it. I was wondering if anyone has made a list or has posted what they have in thier doggy go/bug out bag? I typed it in the search but nothing came up. I thought for sure that there would be a list for the dogs under the "Strictly Bug Out Bags" but I guess not. Im a huge animal lover and I just couldnt image bugging out without my dog. I started making my own Go Bag for him but Im getting kind of lost on what else he will need beside food,water,toys,treats and a blanket. I realize that he will need a first aid kit but I think im just goin to buy one for the pet store so I know everything is safe to use on him. I could really use some help!! : )
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A set of dog neoprene booties might be a good idea. in case you are walking through some area with a lot of debris and such the booties with protect from cuts and such.
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