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So now that I have turned 60 I get my military retirement (August 2022) AND my health via TRI-Care kicked in January 1st (Had to wait for enrollment). I asked the boss if they could drop me from the company health plan and use some of the savings to give me a pay increase (They were paying 100% of the health care plan cost)

Today, I had a $2 an hour raise in my pay

which is great on top of the 8.7% COLA for the Military retirement

Now I have some extra to stack more silver and canned beans
congrats. Similar boat. Work has been looking at comparable workplaces, and realizing that my profession can’t keep anyone lately. salaries dont tend to go up in my line of work, and bonuses are unheard of, but I just got a $4/hr raise, and they’re already talking about trying to bring us even more money (another workplace has been advertising $10/hr over even my new salary)…. To keep people, my work has been talking about a $15k bonus.. what?! Crazy! How much of that will my wife allow me to put into preps?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts