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Get off the bench

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I have been thinking about all the times I have been to the range. I have only seen a few people that didn't use the bench and usually bags or a gun rest to shoot from. I think a lot of people would be very disapointed on how much their groups will open if they didn't have a bench to steady their rifles.

Probably what would be much more important than seeing how tight you can group your shots is to see how fast from a standing position you can place 5 to 10 rounds in a 10" circle at 100 yards.
I will have to admit that I am as guilty as anybody about spending the day at the range and using the bench instead of free style shooting.
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Why the flame suit. When Kids were young we had an air gun that shot small darts. Rainy day the stair way door suffered big time.
In door train with good air guns was a good way to improve marksmanship
We would buy a 500 pack of BBs and spend the whole day in the woods. We felt safe with our trusty BB guns. Never knew what you may run into. Those were the days of the B movies like "attack of the killer tomatoes".
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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