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Get off the bench

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I have been thinking about all the times I have been to the range. I have only seen a few people that didn't use the bench and usually bags or a gun rest to shoot from. I think a lot of people would be very disapointed on how much their groups will open if they didn't have a bench to steady their rifles.

Probably what would be much more important than seeing how tight you can group your shots is to see how fast from a standing position you can place 5 to 10 rounds in a 10" circle at 100 yards.
I will have to admit that I am as guilty as anybody about spending the day at the range and using the bench instead of free style shooting.
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It really isn't shooting unless you are on the move and your target is also moving.

I zero on the bench, and I shoot off the bench, then I shoot offhand, kneeling, sitting, prone, and around barriers and obstacles. I have shot movers, and it is very fun, but you burn up some ammo until you get how to lead a target right figured out.

I also shoot trap and skeet, but love to shoot bouncing bunny clays the most.

But I have to confess - I have never been shot at while I was shooting, and I have never been hunted when I go hunting.

That would be the ultimate test. I can shoot pretty well - but man hunting man is a totally different experience most people will never have.

And most of those I have met who have done it don't seem to care for it too much...or want to relive the experience. Just sayin'!

I will tell you - shooting a bouncing bunny clay pigeon hopping sideways with bad hops with an assault rifle is pretty hard - try it sometime....
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