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Get Home Bag

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Hey Preppers from here and there.
I am looking for a new get Home Bag.
Until now I use a normal backpack where my materials for work are in it.

Now I just want a new bag to get home, my walk to work takes about 8 hours without a break, so i don‘t need a Big Bag just for a Day.

I still don't know what kind, whether shoulder bag or backpack.

Then there is the question of which brand and type, does anyone have any ideas or experience in an emergency?

Thanks in advance.
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Believe if I had an eight hour walk to work I would look for a new career. That dont sound very doable. I would be too pooped out to work and need to call an ambulance and take extra heart pills to make that trip over a day or so. Why dont you buy an adult tricycle like Im trying to talk my wife into letting me buy. You just throw all you goodies in the basket and start peddling or flippy do switch if its electric which is what Im hoping Santa Brings me. I check on one at a local place that sells em. The lady said yes it would work good for old fat guys to ride it to work and back twice a day but they wouldnt have any for a few months and when they came it they cost 3,200 bucks thats crazy. I could buy two gun running cars for that kinda money. Im looking at some on Amazon.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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