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Get Home Bag

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Hey Preppers from here and there.
I am looking for a new get Home Bag.
Until now I use a normal backpack where my materials for work are in it.

Now I just want a new bag to get home, my walk to work takes about 8 hours without a break, so i don‘t need a Big Bag just for a Day.

I still don't know what kind, whether shoulder bag or backpack.

Then there is the question of which brand and type, does anyone have any ideas or experience in an emergency?

Thanks in advance.
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Sure I will jump in here...
Ok this is just me, skills are lighter then gear. Just cause its 8 hours without a break, the GHB (I think of this as something different from a Bug-Out Bag) doesn't need to be a 72 hour kit (unless it does). So lets start with a few questions;
1. How do you see your GHB?
2. What is in the GHB?
3. Do you EDC?

Now that said, I recommend a Backpack as it lets you keep your hands free. You could easily be fine with what you have so, why the switch?
Another thought, once you get your bag put together, strap the puppy on and walk with it on a regular basis.
Definitely a must to do...

Start small though if you aren't used to it. A mile once a week, then twice a week, then 3 times a week, then go up to 2 miles and repeat, then got up to 3 miles and repeat, when you can do 3 miles three times a week, jump to 5 miles once a week, then twice a week then, 3 times a week. then go 8 miles once a week, 10 miles once a week, 12.5 miles, then 15 miles, etc. until you can cover the same distance as you bug-out plus and add 5 to 10 to the max distance over time.

But given that Swiss and they have a culture of hiking, you may be aright there. The above is a suggestion for someone who has no experience hiking or back packing.
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1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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