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Get Home Bag

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Hey Preppers from here and there.
I am looking for a new get Home Bag.
Until now I use a normal backpack where my materials for work are in it.

Now I just want a new bag to get home, my walk to work takes about 8 hours without a break, so i don‘t need a Big Bag just for a Day.

I still don't know what kind, whether shoulder bag or backpack.

Then there is the question of which brand and type, does anyone have any ideas or experience in an emergency?

Thanks in advance.
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Another consideration is this. It is eight hours of travel time from work to home. My assumption is this is during ideal “normal” times. If the SHTF then you might encounter resistance, road blocks, detours, and other hazards that require you to delay or slow progress. Another aspect is that you might not necessarily be leaving for home at 8 AM. You might be leaving at 5 PM? Maybe an overnight stay is possible (or likely), in which case I would certainly plan for it.

I I echo the advice to determine what items you need to bring with, then get a bag that fits your needs. Too often I see people grab bags first, then just try to stuff them full of crap.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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