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Get Home Bag

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Hey Preppers from here and there.
I am looking for a new get Home Bag.
Until now I use a normal backpack where my materials for work are in it.

Now I just want a new bag to get home, my walk to work takes about 8 hours without a break, so i don‘t need a Big Bag just for a Day.

I still don't know what kind, whether shoulder bag or backpack.

Then there is the question of which brand and type, does anyone have any ideas or experience in an emergency?

Thanks in advance.
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I am using about a 50-60 dollar well built bag I bought at Academy Outdoors thats Coyote Tan that is about the size of a large book bag teens use today for school. It has everything I need to get me home or to my BOL from my car/work where ever that may be. I can even lay low for a couple of days if I need to in reasonable comfort. It weighs about 20 lbs minus the weapons...AR and Pistol. Not much to it, just the basics to survive a few days. Im not 19 anymore (retired Vet in my early 50's still in above average shape compared to most 38-40 yo's) so I wanted to keep it fairly light, low drag and high speed. Staying very mobile and having only what I absolutely needed was my main priorities setting this bag up. Its a very simular set up to what Warrior Poet set up in one of his You Tube Videos, the bag is just a little more tacti-cool that what he used which here in Texas would likely not draw much attention to me.
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