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Gerber Gear - Pack Saw for BOB

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One of the items that really come in handy in the outdoors is a quality saw to cut wood, either for building a temporary shelter or cutting up firewood. The problem is most saws are large and take up a lot of space - so they don't fit into a back pack or BOB easily, or else they are folding/pruning saws and cannot cut except for a very short stroke, limiting how big a piece of wood that can be cut, or doubling the time it takes to cut through the bigger branches or log-sized trunks. Not an ideal setup.

Another feature that can come in handy is a fine tooth saw (for trimming off small or green branches), that can also double as a bone saw for quartering game. Some saws handle this by including two or more blades, but then you have to carry those, and fiddle with parts that you can lose if you drop it in the wrong place or time....

Bow saws cut wood fast, but they are too big to carry. Axes and hatchets work well, but you cannot construct with wood with them very easily if you need to make a part or repair something broken. And they are heavy to pack around.

I found a very good pack saw made by Gerber that solves most of these problems. It comes in its own sheath, has a coarse blade for rapid wood cutting, and a fine blade for trimming/shaping wood, or for use as a bone saw. It can attach to MOLLE straps, slings, or belts, and you can also lash it to other gear. It allows for one hand sawing (helping you out if you need to use the support hand for something else), and it has a long blade so you can cut through wood quickly.

It also has a line cutter so you can cut cord or fishing line without unsheathing the blade. Handy feature, and useful in emergencies. Here is a picture:


Here it is unsheathed, showing the double edged blade - coarse and fine teeth:


I really like this pack saw, and it cuts really well. The only drawback to it is that Gerber has just discontinued these, but if you see one at your local store, buy it...!

(Please note: I am not affiliated with this company in any way - just a consumer of their products, and a satisfied customer).

Anyone else have any suggestions on a good pack saw for BOBs or outdoor usage? Post up if you have any other options....
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Gerber products are well know for their quality, surly no sin in posting about them. I seen many of their products in soldiers ruck sacks and on their belts over the years.
That saw is a new one for me.
nothing is turning up on my searches like that. Is there a more specific name than Gerber Pack Saw?
nothing is turning up on my searches like that. Is there a more specific name than Gerber Pack Saw?
Here is a link to it on Gerber's website:

Gator Pack Saw
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Here is a You Tube vid on it:

I Googled (is that even a verb?) "Gerber Gator Pack Saw" and it got multiple vendors (even Sears) selling them.

Sorry - forgot they used the Gator brand to name this....
Not trying to hijack the thread but when I was a kid and we used to do a lot of backpacking we always had a Sven Saw in one of the packs. They're fantastic and pretty reasonably priced, works like a bow saw and folds up into one flat piece of aluminum. Features of the Sven-Saw, the Famous Campfire Folding Saw They're also very light due to the aluminum handle. Just another option.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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