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Georgia may be next on the anti-ban wagon - developing

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I spoke with several agencies today (reps) and all of them said basically the same thing. They were not going to enforce gun bans or gun confiscations at all, no orders on the line, no intent to go along with it, they are gun owners too. NOW it seems that the local sheriff is using this as a political springboard to run for assembly. So now it's 'cool' to defend gun rights? There's a new section on his website about the sandy hook shootings and arming teachers and (gasp) now he's pandering to the pro-gun majority in his county (gasp!) holy s*** elected official in the south, in a conservative county, grabbing onto controversy to end up a hero?!


Still, it works out for me and us either way. The governor's office is also receptive, his rep stating to me that the governor is aware that Georgia is a traditional open carry state and that his constituents are pro-gun and anti-assault weapons ban.

Still promising.
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I cant help to think that this and all of the other states will just be swept under the rug and forgot about. . . Maybe this is one the site I have yet to search here. But I have heard nothing about all the states wanting to secede? I know texas for sure had enough signatures and several others did as well? But nothing ever came of it??
Oregon wanted to succeed but were not real good about getting involved in politics.
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