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Helping out a good friend who ordered this shelter. Before he had the opportunity to install/use it, circumstances changed, so I'm putting together an ad for him to help him sell it for a fraction of what he paid for it. Here's what it is:
One self-contained, disaster shelter with the following components and features:
• Main tank sections (1) 36'x8'9" (1) 20'x9' 3/8" Steel
• Stairway "T" corridor connector from basement to shelter "T" connector also includes a power distribution vault with a 3.6 Onan L.P. generator, service hatch and battery bank vault, Outback VFX 3524 inverter
• Lighting and receptacles
• Internal 12V pressurized water system
• Closed sanitation system w/ 24v macerator ejection system
• Internal grey water supply
• Communication station with thru ports for cabling
• Communications package CB and Shortwave
• VA 150 air filtration system (HEPA and NBC) Secondary Safe Cell air filtration system
• (1) Emergency egress man-way with a surface hatch and security locks
• Sleeping bunks for six w/mattresses
• Schedule 80 air intakes and exhaust shafts protected with 1 bar rated blast valves
• (1) Gen set exhaust and cabin heater exhaust shaft
• (2) Interior stainless steel reinforced marine hatches with viewing ports
• Stainless steel kitchen counter top
• Kitchen sink with pressurized water and manual pump faucets
• Magic Chef (LPG) range
• 2 - 12v stand up freezer and fridge units
• Dinette booth with table
• Security vaults to store valuables with tamper proof locks and lighting
• Bathroom with shower, Wilcox marine head, clothes washer/ringer
• Stainless steel Newport cabin heater
• Steel Shelve storage for gear and food
• Ventilated Dry Storage below floor and lower bunks
• External propane, water & sanitation tanks not included however plumbing connections are stubbed for external plumbing
Sold as is, where is. Shelter can be shown to qualified buyers by appointment in Silverthorne, CO.

Owner has approximately $500k in it, asking only $275k. Email [email protected] for more photos and info.


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This has got to be a joke.. 1/2 a million?
That and first post is a "for sale".
Yeah, I wasn't entirely sure where the best place to post something like this would be. I can understand the skepticizm.

Also, the guy has over $520k into it, but the asking price is about half that. Definitely a really good deal for the guy looking for such a thing.
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