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Hi All

So I am a member of the Adams 912 Patriots - Setting brushfires of freedom in people's minds
A group of 100+ regular members, that are conservative, focused more on local political education than anything else.
The group had been asking for some prepper presentations.
So me and a few others got together and came up with some presentations over the course of a couple months.
Overall the presentations went very well, and I found it interesting how many people in the same room were thinking about this stuff.

So we made 4 total.
1. Water Purification
2. Food Dehydration
3. Bug Out Bag (This one was done by me.)
4. Tri Fuel Generator (Also done by me, really like this one.)

They can be downloaded from here:
Cool Prepper Stuff - Presentations

Absolutely feel free to take them, use them and spread them.
All I ask is mention where ya got it.

I do think there is plenty of very condensed info on these, great for presenting to a large group.

If you have any questions or suggestions to any of the info, please just ask.

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Good info and presentations to help educate others on prepping. Just remember everyone, the more people that prep, the less food/water you'll have to give out. The less disease will be spread, the less panic people running around, and the worse would be to have to defend yourself for a snickers bar that someone is trying to kill you for to give to their starving children. Thanks for sharing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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