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BetrayedAmerican here,

I have been gone for the last year and a half, serving in Afghanistan. It was over there that I decided that the prepper life is the one that I need to live. There are so many different things that are involved with prepping. I once thought that getting an AR-15 was my most important priority as they are amazing weapons, reliable and strong. It was this reason that I collected some Mags while deployed...

I currently have 12 metal military grade AR-15 platform mags in plastic and three used and tested mags from over there. In this hard time, fighting for every bit of currency as possible I see no AR in my near or possibly late future for that matter. It is for this reason that I am posting here on this site filled with fellow preppers my mags. I am willing to sell one at a crack or all as a bundle. I am not going to put a price on them. I am surrounded by friends and it is for that reason if anyone is interested just let me know and let me know what you can afford as I am sure the hit on the wallet is not just a problem for me. Thanks again.

I naturally will pay packaging and shipping insurance.

Thank you all again.
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