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For Sale: USGI Improved Outer Tactical Vest w/Accessories *NEW*

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USGI IMPROVED OUTER TACTICAL VEST *NEW* Size X-Small, but will fit those that wear small too.

Kevlar Inserts
Neck/Throat, Groin and Lower Back Attachments with kevlar inserts
Side Pouches for ESAPI Plates
Upper Arm Protectors with kevlar inserts

ESAPI Plates NOT Included

$475 Shipped

The Improved Outer Tactical Vest, or IOTV, is an enhanced version of, and a replacement for, the older Outer Tactical Vest variant of the Interceptor body armor, as fielded by the United States Army. The IOTV is compatible with the Deltoid and Axillary Protector System (DAPS) components, E-SAPI (Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert), Enhanced Side Ballistic Inserts (ESBI), as well as the OTV's groin protector.
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