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Hey y'all, the admin dropped me a note and told me about a new forum, so here I am.=) The place looks nice and clean with some good info!

If you need Food Storage supplies, including Mylar Bags, Oxygen Absorbers, Desiccant, small buckets and some other stuff, I hope you'll drop by at We run monthly promotions which you can find on our blog at, and if you're the Facebook type, I hope you'll like us at "Advice and Beans".

In Jan/Feb I'm clearing us out of 50' Paracord, so we're offering Buy One Get One Free (the free item will be a random color). We will continue to stock 100' paracord.

We ship same day on all orders placed before 3pm, have free shipping on all orders over $50, offer quantity discounts for bulk orders, and ship 2-3 day shipping as our standard on most orders.

You are welcome to ask questions as well and you can reach us at [email protected].

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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