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Food Stamp Solution

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I will preface this by saying 10 years ago I lost my job unexpectedly and reluctantly applied for food stamps. I was given 124.00 a month to feed myself on while trying to find a job and get on my feet again. If not for this benefit I would have been in a bad bad situation. So I am not saying food stamps are bad, I am saying this would cut out a lot of waste and stop crack heads from using our tax dollars to fund their criminal activity....

We should go back to what we used to do.... every saturday at pre determined locations, holders of food stamp benefits were given commodities.... Milk, flour, sugar, bread, cheese, beans, rice and a few canned veggies. This was enough to sustain someone, not have a party with it, but you were given basics. If we stopped giving out debit cards and started this system again, the cost of the program would decrease, people would get what they needed and fraud was almost non existent. And I think you would see lazy people or those that use the system stop using it because it would mean standing in line, and not getting what you want but only what you need.
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LOL I knew you were a democrat in disguise ..... just kidding.

My partner works as a Manager at The Fresh Market... a high end grocery store that sells such things as olive oil that is 80.00 a bottle. Last year they started accepting food stamps. The clientelle changed to hood rats and their revenue went up almost 70 percent. That should tell you the system as it is a failure.
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The problem with giving cash benefits like the EBT program is that people have no incentive to find deals, clip coupons, stop buying name brand everything. If you provide the basics..... the fraud goes away.

Although when I was on the program I was approved for three months, I found a job and got off stamps in just one month... but one thing I noticed perplexed me..... you cannot buy toilet paper on food stamps. They will take care of food going in, but food coming out is a different story I guess LOL.
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I tried to quote kevincali but apparently I cant for some reason, look a few posts back to see kevincalis post on living on next to nothing.

Ok I have to ask..... how can you afford a house on 400 a month? Tax alone is 400 - 1200 a year depending on your house and where you live. I am not trying to start an argument or accusing because obviously you are getting by, but curious as to how exactly. You have to pay internet and power because you are using a computer to communicate with us now. If you can do it, we obviously all are not doing something right.... helll my minimum power bill with no electric on it is 65 a month and that is just connection fees and government taxes.

Seriously you need to write a book man... i woild buy it

And I mean this folks, I am not being sarcastic here, if he can do it, we all can.
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