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Food Riots Predicted Four Years Ago - For No Later Than Next Year

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They say the "Arab Spring" was fomented by a spike in food prices. What is a drought throughout most of the world's food growing areas going to do for the supply and price of food?

A few years ago, Sir John Beddington, the UK government's chief scientific advisor stated that with the world's population growing, food supplies diminishing, and water supplies becoming more scarce, all of these factors would combine to form a 'perfect storm' in 2030 resulting in food shortages and rioting. However, the New England Complex Systems Institute believes he is way too optimistic with his timing. In fact, the complexity theorists think that if we don't reverse the current trend in food prices, we've got until August 2013 before social unrest sweeps the planet.

The team from New England including Marco Lagi say they believe that a single factor will trigger riots around the world within the next 11 months - the price of food. Lagi and his team say that once food prices reach a certain point, social unrest will break out in several countries, especially in poorer parts of the world.

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That is one of the reasons we prep. Buy all the canned corn, and other vegies you can, as you may not be able to afford them next year, no matter who is the potus.
We call those kinds of people "Bubba" and there are lots of them and they are all over the place.
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I think that as the draught results finally come home to roost, it will automatically become apparent in the grocery stores , gas stations and what not. Another thing that will most likely trigger riots is that if we don't start opening up our own oil fields and coal fields, prices will skyrocket on fuels and of course, it will go straight to food. Every thing in this country at least depends on oil , in one form or another. Even the plastic bags your food comes in are made from oil. Electricity is either from dams, nuclear, oil , coal or gas. We just last month had three power plants shut down in the area. All fired from coal. They could not afford to change over to obummers "clean coal" That alone put 300 people out of work. Also, our paper mill, had to shut down . Another 85 people out of work. What most people never consider is that those working people are now going to have to go on un-employment, won't be paying taxes any longer, and most are family people who depend on their paychecks to eat and pay bills.

It just keeps on adding up , and all will come to a head sometime very soon. Expect to see rioting in the streets and stores soon, somewhere near you.
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