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Food Gathering Bags

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You know I don't think over all the discussions I've been in over the years about food to be found out there in the wild, anyone ever bring up exactly how they plan to carry it back to camp. I've used my pockets for berries and fruits, pouches for the same and bugs, but never really had anything dedicated more than fishing line and a ziplock bag. And that seems like it ought to be a pretty important prep whether for the BOB or BOL supplies. I've been thinking about it and am about to put in an order for a Maxpedition drop pouch for my BOB as they seem like they'd be an excellent option. I love Max gear. I have quite a bit of it and it's tough and top quality. The drop pouch is designed to hold mags, so it should stand up to fruit, bugs, fish and meat. Easy to rinse out too.

What do you use or think about it?

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I don't see much of a point in spending money for special bags. I threw a couple of bags I had around my place in my BOB for this purpose though. One is a small olive drab "man purse" type bag. I actually have no idea where I got it, but it matches my ALICE pack perfectly.

The second is one of those draw string backpacks popular among athletes.
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