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Food Gathering Bags

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You know I don't think over all the discussions I've been in over the years about food to be found out there in the wild, anyone ever bring up exactly how they plan to carry it back to camp. I've used my pockets for berries and fruits, pouches for the same and bugs, but never really had anything dedicated more than fishing line and a ziplock bag. And that seems like it ought to be a pretty important prep whether for the BOB or BOL supplies. I've been thinking about it and am about to put in an order for a Maxpedition drop pouch for my BOB as they seem like they'd be an excellent option. I love Max gear. I have quite a bit of it and it's tough and top quality. The drop pouch is designed to hold mags, so it should stand up to fruit, bugs, fish and meat. Easy to rinse out too.

What do you use or think about it?

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Right on, so I'm not loosing my mind and the dump pouch seems like a good idea to more than just me. That's always a good thing. And Verteidiger is using one from Blackhawk for the exact thing too. I like Blackhawk's gear, they make quality stuff, but I think I may be becoming a Maxpedition junkie and have to go with theirs. Thanks for the link though Verteidiger.

There's lots of things a person could use though like the rolldown backpacks, a satchel bag, a bag with a pull tie cord they could tie off to their belt or even a Tupperware container. You just have to find somewhere to carry the Tupperware container. It's an overlook thing though it seems and we are going to need to gather with something.

The bag with a pull cord is a great idea. That reminded that a lot of the kids at the high school where I work use them as backpacks, mainly for their PE clothes. They're small, light weight with small straps they sling over their shoulders and wear like a backpack. Easy on, easy off, quick access.
Yeah those should make great gathering bags. I was thinking of the small cinch liquor bags too that come on some bottles and the small leather ones they sell in shops. That's also where someone could easily make a bag like that out of hides or old garments.

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Yeah that should be a good gathering bag. If I didn't have so much on my BOB rig already, I'd consider another Maxpedition Fatboy as one, but I room is sparse.
I tend to separated the two activities. I have not given much thought to a foragers bag that compliments the bug out bag. Maybe I should!
I normally carry a drawstring type bag when hiking and use it for carrying out my food wrappers and the trash I find along the trail. In the present I graze edibles as I go along, I rarely bag them up as I generally have food with me.

I might be outside the box with my thinking that foraging is a day trip activity. I think in a survival situation going light on the gear in search of wild edibles is a way to help keep the calorie deficit ogre at bay.
It's an all the time activity to me in the woods. I grab what I see when I see. That means coming across edibles while making distance with the pack on or foraging after camp is set up. I doubt any of us is going to pass up a score when things really hit the fan and it's real survival. I pack ziplocks now and most of the time wear cargo pants which is where the large leg pockets come in handy, but I've seen the need for something more dedicated. Fish and meat I normally clean and use the ziplocks but that's a short time supplement as they don't last long.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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