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When I think of food and food storage I think of foods that will not promote bowel movement. People store can goods, preservatives, and all sorts of things for hard times, but has anyone considered that food goes in and it comes out the other in. How do you deal with the elimination of the waste? How do you deal with the energy loss from bowel movements after eating caned goods, or preservatives? There is a way to plan for hard times involving foods but can goods and preservatives is just not it in my view. We need to have bread and lots of it, things that will stick to the stomach. For those who can handle it we need to understand that they body will consume its own waste matter for food to survive if it is not being fed. If the waste matter is leaving the body it cannot consume it. If the waste matter is toxic it should not consume it. Learning how to eat during hard time is a science that can be learned. Food also affects the bodies odder and cleanliness. If it is consumed correctly it will produce liquids (liquify) that help in the sustenance process. Eating food is one of the most important things we do.
Ok I was just going to let this die, sorry for anyone that thought the same as I've just ruine it for you too.

First welcome point man, I'm sure you will learn a lot, let me first suggest you learn to use paragraphs to make your messages more readable and divide up your thoughts into more manageable pieces.

It seems you think everything in a preppers food stores is canned or preserved which is not or should not be correct. My stores are overwhelmingly bulk rice, whole wheat, beans, brown sugar, honey, processed sugar and salt. Yes I do have canned soups and vegetables but those are to add variety, taste and texture to the bulk foods, canned foods are not the only stores we have.

I also read that you think slowing down the digestive process equals the food you eat being processed by your body more thoroughly? That is how it came out anyway and I would dispute this and your claim that eating is some kind of science that we don't understand.

Eating foods that are hard for your body to metabolize isn't a sure fire way to maximumize your caloric intake (per calorie consumed), actually eating easy to digest foods in smaller quantities in several small meals throughout the day Will be more energy efficient. Keep in mind it takes more energy for your body to break down wheat/grains which is why they digest slower but also offsets any additional nutritional gains you may experience.

Contrary to your assertion to make wheat a primary staple, there is mounting evidence that we should not eat it at all! It introduces gluten to your body which has no positive effects and can have huge negative ones, it also requires more stomach acid to digest which throws off the PH balance of the body. There are more but you get the point.

I think the more balanced and scientific approach is to vary your diet so you don't miss out on any of the necessary amino acids, poteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that the body requires. Some preservation methods introduce preservatives, but the wonderful digestive system can easily pass these if your keep your diet balanced.

P.S. if you wanted to have the perfect diet, avoid grains-meat and eat only vegetables, I don't do it but in my research that would the way to go.
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