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Fly Wheel #10 Can Sealer

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I am looking for a quality can sealer for #10 cans. The lowest price i have seen so far is about $1,000. Does anyone have any suggestions on where one can be obtained that is not so costly?
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$20 from Amazon but it's hand ✋ operated
I checked amazon, do you have a link?
Does anyone have any suggestions on where one can be obtained that is not so costly?
Maybe a group buy? Get a few guys together and it wouldn't be so bad.
Also the local LDS folks or your county extension office might have a sealer you can use.
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I am thinking of seeing if my group wants to go in on one. We have a LDS in the are but it's just the warehouse/distribution center. Are you saying that most LDS have them on their properties?
I suspect probably only a few of the major LDS home storage centers still have can sealers but it never hurts to ask around.

One of our group (prepper radio net) members is a morman, he's the one told us about our local LDS home storage center. Apparently, in the old days you went in and canned food on their machine.

We tried to do a group buy on a freeze dryer but everyone dragged their feet until one of the guys just bought one for himself. We pay him to use it but it's going to take two or three years for him to break even. A can sealer is about 1/3 the cost of a freeze dryer so the break even point would be much faster.
I would love a freeze dryer but I know that's not going to happen, to much $$ But a canner is more possible. I just retired this week so the pay cut makes things tough.. I think going in on one with another family of two is the best way ahead..
I will also try the LDSC, I have bought canned goods ect from them in the past.
You might check Ebay (I know people don't like Ebay) sometimes you can find vintage tools at a fair price.
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