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Flashlights and Batteries and Candles

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Just thinking about light for my house when power is compromised. I was thinking candles for constant light however they can be messy. What about lanterns with smokeless oil? That seems a good alternative. Any suggestions or thoughts?

As far as flashlights, there are so many. Suggestions, I see a lot on Amazon with CREE LED's.

What is best to keep in mind as far as power source? meaning CR123 or some other battery? Is there one rechargeable that is better than another and how long will it hold a chare without being used? Don't want to get caught with no power. Maybe some dry cells as a back-up?
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All 5 of us in my family have and use headlamps. My husband and I have ones that have a little flip down red filter. I also buy candles like it's my hobby. One, I love smelly candles. And two, you don't need anything to burn them other than a fire source. I have mason jars that I use to contain them. The lip always goes way up over the flame so there's little chance of a fire hazard. More just spilling wax, which really isn't a big deal to me.
Also I've heard that crayons burn well? I've never actually tried it, though I should since we have a ton of them!
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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