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Flashlights and Batteries and Candles

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Just thinking about light for my house when power is compromised. I was thinking candles for constant light however they can be messy. What about lanterns with smokeless oil? That seems a good alternative. Any suggestions or thoughts?

As far as flashlights, there are so many. Suggestions, I see a lot on Amazon with CREE LED's.

What is best to keep in mind as far as power source? meaning CR123 or some other battery? Is there one rechargeable that is better than another and how long will it hold a chare without being used? Don't want to get caught with no power. Maybe some dry cells as a back-up?
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I still rely on my old Coleman lanterns that run on the Coleman fuel. They burn forever on a full tank of fuel, give off no smoke and are simple to repair if need be. Also have the Coleman stove that runs off the same fuel as well. Just keep extra mantles and a few gallons of fuel on hand and you'll be good to go!
You sure that is safe to burn in the house? Sounds like that would give off a whole lot of fumes.
I do have one. Good idea.
Being in hurricane country, very familiar with long term power outages. Have plenty of candles on-hand, they're dirt cheap and there's a reason people used them for thousands of years - they don't require any maintenance or fuel (short of oxygen). Lanterns and Coleman lamps work great but storing enough fuel to use them long-term is a bit of a pain, however, we have half a dozen glass "hurricane lamps" which burn oil and they are invaluable when the lights are off for weeks at a time - it's worth getting a few of those and putting away a few gallons of the fuel - it never goes bad.

I LOVE the Cree LED lanterns and flashlights - those bulbs are amazingly tough and they put off a tremendous amount of light while using very little power. IMO you want to stay away from rechargable battery units, because what are you going to recharge them with? All of my flashlights and LED lanterns are CREE bulbs and they use everything from D-cells to AA's to C123's. The C123 Lithium batteries last a very long time in flashlights but they are expensive and will be hard to find in a SHTF scenario. Lately, I've opted for lights that can operate on D, AA, or AAA batteries, just to get some standardization with other devices such as radios, walkie talkies, etc.

Take care! :wink:
Can you tell me what kind of candles you have? Do you buy specific long lasting type candles? Where do you get them?

As far as the flashlights, are you saying the 123 is the best route as well as lithium being the best way to go?
Why do you need the 5V USB voltage, 6V, or 12V to power my 180W cup inverter. What is that?

What kind of flashlights do you have?
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