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Flashlights and Batteries and Candles

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Just thinking about light for my house when power is compromised. I was thinking candles for constant light however they can be messy. What about lanterns with smokeless oil? That seems a good alternative. Any suggestions or thoughts?

As far as flashlights, there are so many. Suggestions, I see a lot on Amazon with CREE LED's.

What is best to keep in mind as far as power source? meaning CR123 or some other battery? Is there one rechargeable that is better than another and how long will it hold a chare without being used? Don't want to get caught with no power. Maybe some dry cells as a back-up?
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I have candles, oil lamps, Aladdin lamps, and a dual fuel "Coleman style" military lantern. I also have lamps made from the solar powered yard lights. Mostly these are for short term power outages because I don't want to try to store the many gallons needed to keep them going for three or four years.
The military and Aladdin lamps use mantles and I can use alcohol very effectively in them for "space" lighting. The yard lights are for "task" lighting. Those times when yo need to see what you are doing or where you are going. The danger of using anything burning for lighting is, of course, fire. The danger increases if there is a nearby gas line that might leak. Reloading ammunition would be disastrous if you were using a burning light with which to load powder. The LED yard lights are best under those conditions.

I have a couple of gas stoves (gasoline) and a charcoal grill that can be put into use if the natural gas is unavailable for any reason. I also have an alcohol stove and a one burner military multi fuel stove that will burn any liquid fuel including alcohol, gas, diesel, kerosine, etc.
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