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Flashlights and Batteries and Candles

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Just thinking about light for my house when power is compromised. I was thinking candles for constant light however they can be messy. What about lanterns with smokeless oil? That seems a good alternative. Any suggestions or thoughts?

As far as flashlights, there are so many. Suggestions, I see a lot on Amazon with CREE LED's.

What is best to keep in mind as far as power source? meaning CR123 or some other battery? Is there one rechargeable that is better than another and how long will it hold a chare without being used? Don't want to get caught with no power. Maybe some dry cells as a back-up?
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I got a cool azz latern that's LED's and 2 x 9 watt florescent tubes that uses 4 x AA batteries, I have a lot of rechargables I use, that is the cats meow in my opinion. I got it for camping but thought how great it would be at home in a power outage. Paid about 19 bucks for it at Academy Outdoors. I can use it as a flash light, or a beacan or a single or two tube florescent light. Its not the same as the one being sold a walmart, its a lot better! The other thing that's great is those 1 dollar solar lights for your yard or walk way sold at walmart. They are weak but make enough light to make it through the house without breaking your neck. Just don't forget to put them outside so they can recharge again. I have a couple of oil lamps but I use them only in the winter as they give off heat. They wont warm a room up but they will knock the chill off a room and make cold days/nights more bearable. Those religious candles at walmart will do the same thing when its cold out. Once they are used you can recycle them using melted candle wax and a 12 inch stick candle as the new "wick". They burn a looong time too! I think they are up to 1.45 each but you can probably find them at the dollar store for a buck each still possibly. But that's just what Lunatics solution to that problem is....YMMV.
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