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While this awareness is good it is VERY situational. Someone in a small town, big city, suburbia and rural living will have different pro's and con's for how to deal with these situations.

IMO the 1st and 5th are virtually the same. The difference is YOU broke the OP SEC side of things with said co-worker. It is MUCH more likely that this would be reversed and the neighbor would be the nay-sayer and the coworker just starving looking to keep it's family alive. Coworkers will know I am a sportsman, home brewer (best and easiest water purification process known to man it just is not fast!) and that is about it. This gives me PLENTY of work safe topics without having to mention prepping...

I would NEVER talk to people away from my immediate vicinity unless they were close friends or relatives. MOST preppers that have any sort of decent plan will try to get the neighbors involved in prepping to some extent; it is easier to bond as a community than stand as individuals. Not to mention if you have multiple families doing this it can be a decent "fall back/regroup plan" to head to a neighbors house should some really bad stuff come your way, like Scorpion in a hummer with a browning 50 cal or a Gatling gun...or worse...but you need to stockpile extra in case it happens to them...

The worst/hardest part is going to be having to turn away lazy good for nothing relatives that just "show up". IMO that should have been on the list. You may talk a big talk but when they are starving, screwed up and AT YOUR FRONT DOOR WITH KIDS, you need a plan long before they show.
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