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- I would cut up small bluegill I'd catch for bait, or any type of carp or drum if I needed more of it. The one time I caught a carp accidentally (I was fishing for bass lol), was on someones advice of using fresh frog.

- I was always told to "sneak up" on a fishing area, my dad would say that fish near the surface could see me (don't know if it's true or if he was messing with me).

- Shady spots were always best on a sunny day, and look for brush piles or anything that a fish could use for cover in the water and fish around that.

- Crappie swim in schools, so if you get one, get your line back in the water ASAP just in case a school's coming.

- To track schools, we'd string an empty, airtight bottle to the fish (on a long length of string), and throw it back. It would return to the school, and we could then know where they were.

- Bigger fish prefer to be active when the water's kinda choppy, so the smaller fish don't always see them coming.

- It was always good to fish along the shore when it was raining, because the fish wait by waters edge for bugs and insects getting washed in.

- Fish are more active around spawning times, and around sun up and sun down.

- If ever poked by a fish's spine, rub some of their slime on it, that's what stops the stinging.

Again, all this stuff was told to me as a kid by my dad and other adult's who fished frequently, don't know how true most of it is lol
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