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First Amendment

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Just wanting an opinion.

Who of you would do civil disobedience to defend the first amendment? Should you need a permit to protest the government? Any one of you gone to jail for justice? I know most of you would do it for the second amendment, I am just wondering who would be arrested for the first amendment....just musing, don't get too's Friday. :)

Any one ever been exposed to an LRAD?
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I dunno.....rights are rights. No matter if liberal or conservative. I think this takes some real thinking thru. If one is a Constitutionalist, one really has to ponder this issue.
I think it is important to start thinking about these issues. With all the surveillance and all the other stuff going on, such as imminent domain. I wonder if people really would defend their constitutional rights if they felt they were being infringed upon. I think people need a permit to parade around, but I am not so sure about pure protest. I don't think it should be illegal to hold a sign, or observe a protest.
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Citizens United isn't exactly supportive of the Constitution either. :/
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