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First Amendment

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Just wanting an opinion.

Who of you would do civil disobedience to defend the first amendment? Should you need a permit to protest the government? Any one of you gone to jail for justice? I know most of you would do it for the second amendment, I am just wondering who would be arrested for the first amendment....just musing, don't get too's Friday. :)

Any one ever been exposed to an LRAD?
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The military did some research with them
Long Range Acoustic Device. (LRAD)
Permits and the 1St are a tough one there is a line where the freedom of speech steps on all the rights of other.
Liberal groups are know for going way to far and using the 1st as way to disrupt life until others are forced to give up.
Just like the the second there are limits.
And yes I have been smoke bombed ,tear gassed and roughed up in my early years.
I think it is important to start thinking about these issues. With all the surveillance and all the other stuff going on, such as imminent domain. I wonder if people really would defend their constitutional rights if they felt they were being infringed upon. I think people need a permit to parade around, but I am not so sure about pure protest. I don't think it should be illegal to hold a sign, or observe a protest.
They have already admitted they did listen in on calls they did copy and read emails, the did track people in violation of the law.
Nothing has been done nothing will be.
This president stood up and said loud and clear. "The Constitution is out dated and irrelevant"
And he has not wasted a minute proving that.
Each right we have supports the other. Weaken one you weaken them all.
With no 2nd how could you retain the 1st and without the first how could you protect and fight for the second?
Chain reaction. That is why those like Holder and Obama want to weaken and do away with them. By wreaking the freedom of religion as they have been working to do they erode the rest of the 1st.
Our rights were based on a civil society , that understood just because you could push a limit was no reason to do so.
However in their push towards forced socialism, civil society has been lost.
Freedom of speech is not a right to shut down a company by force nor to shut down your government by force. It is the right to speech to win others over,
to put forth truth and facts with out fear, to call out you leaders publicly.
The right to bear arms was never meant to protect hunting it was our insurance policy to protect from a government hell bent on taking our other rights.
The second was a better watch what you do notice.
We had 3 branches of Government each was a counter to the other ,in 1 and a half terms in the white house one activist has all but destroyed that system.
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