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Ok sorry to OP for going on a tangent. Just saw that wound suture video above...Why is it that I can suture my own forearm, stop a gushing wound on my knee, bandage my head and drive to the hospital with blood drinking down my neck, and but yet I nearly hurl my lunch while watching some person suturing a fabricated human skin, I mean it wasn't even a real person . My Gramps long ago suggested taking a shot or 2 of hoochie, and sure enough, works like a charm, thus one of my preps I bring is a flask, a mixture of Vodka & Spiced Rum.

W/regard to OP, err I mean the few that have responded here in 2023 & thereafter, I personally suggest getting EMT training books. Best though to have 1st hand training, but the EMT training book will give you an edge reading it prior to taking the course. I have one in my Truck & another at home.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts