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Agree with @jimcosta and @CapitalKane49p.

those red cross and emt courses give you basic skills which are not very useful unless you practice them.
there is a saying that common things happen commonly...
basic injuries that you may need to treat if medical services are unavailable or... risky (covid filled ers)


some good skills to learn as well as medical supplies to purchase...

suturing or stapling a simple laceration...
we have medical students and interns (not much better than a medical student) repair these in the Emergency deparments. there are kits which have needle drivers (a fancy clamp used to hold curved needles) pickups (tweezers), and sutures.

you can do similar things with fishing hook removers EgIrU_D_BwE EgLjdvD_BwE

with some needles and thread.. EgKQCPD_BwE

you can practice on a pig leg or chicken leg.. with the skin on it...
here is a guide on how to tie knots.. sutures

here is a suture guide

how to set and splint a broken bone
how to fix a dislocated shoulder arm ankle etc...

these skills are a little more complex and you really cant learn from a youtube video...
but in the old days... country docs would do this without even x rays...
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