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My new first aid kit arrived today from Amazon, and I thought I would do a quick review.

First Aid Kit First Responder Trauma Medical Bag Complete

This is a fairly comprehensive kit, probably better suited to a small group than to an individual. At nearly 6 pounds as is, it would be great for the vehicle, but not something you would want to lug around if you're on foot. This will be part of my MAS (Make A Stand) location, so I don't care about weight.

The cloth bag itself is bright orange and features reflective strips on the ends, which would make it easier to find if the big bad wolf has blown your house down or something. It has zippered pockets on each end, and 2 smaller pockets on the side. The main compartment is secured by Velcro and by 2 quick buckle type fasteners, which are on adjustable nylon straps. It has a shoulder strap and a carrying handle.

The kit does include a good assortment of first aid stuff (follow the link above for the list), but there are a few things I'll be adding. Thankfully, there is ample room in the bag for additions.

Still, for $80, it's decent starter kit.

NOTE: I will be adding compression bandages, more gauze and tape, some QuickClot, more burn gel pads, a basic surgical instrument kit, a pack of 10 disposable scalpels, 3-0 and 4-0 silk sutures, a few assorted SAM splints, pain relievers (topical and oral), antibiotics, and a tourniquet. (I'm not a doctor, but a trauma surgeon will be joining us, and she won't be able to bring as much gear as we would like)
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