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Cycling out more of my extra parts and one-off items I have no desire to keep nor use. Those of you who have purchased from me know I am quick and reliable and take care of my stuff - no Armslist "LNIB" stuff here, I took all the photos today, the lighting was crap so I used the flash - if you want anymore pictures I can PM them or shoot them vie Email

#1) Cabela's Caliber-Specific Series Riflescope: .308 3-12x44mm, I bought this to use on my MK3 DMR, was a bit too much magnification for me, replacing it with a 1.25x Thermal or 1-4x Scout Optic. I zeroed it was 130gr JHP Varmint rounds, it is calibrated for 150gr/M80 clones - fired 25 rounds while mounted, adjustments are tactile, the zoom ring and other adjustments are as stiff as they need to be to hold zero, very well made glass.

Info can be found here:
For those who do not want to look here is the info:
Length: 13.2"
Weight: 15.3oz
FOV @ 100yd: 28.8-7.0ft
Reticle: EXT (BDC type)
Eye Relief: 4.3"

Has a dual-point Pic/Weaver rail co-witness rings attached already and comes with original box. Look for $90 OBO Plus Shipping

#2) AR Parts Lot
Magpul AFG - mounted, never used $25 + Shipping
5-Rail Section for MLOK or KeyMod $5 + shipping
Rail Mounted Sling Swivel $3 + shipping
CMMG AR-15/AR-10/LR-308 Safety Selector Switch, replaced on the MK3 w/ an ambi, slightly used $5 + shipping
CMMG AR-10/LR-308 Flash Hider, 5/8"x24, lightly used - comes w/ Crush Washer and some SilencerCo shims $7 + shipping

Will bundle all of this together for $40 and shipping (will be around $4-7 via USPS)

#3) Wilson Combat & OEM Beretta Parts
Mix of OEM and Wilson Combat Deluxe Competition Spring Set, in the picture from Left To Right:
- OEM Recoil Spring & Guide Rod - $5+SH
- OEM Mag Release - $3+SH
- OEM Trigger - $7+SH
- Wilson Combat 12 pound Mainspring - $5+SH
- OEM Mainspring (maybe 30 rounds on it?) $3+SH
- Wilson Combat Springs for Trigger, Firing Pin and...something else?? $5+SH

Will do everything in that picture for $25+SH

#4) AlienGear Cloak Tuck 1911 IWB Holster & CMI M9/92FS 15rd Mag

The Alien Gear is a 1911 IWB Cloak Tuck, has black leather, and Nylon "C" Clips - got it in as part of a trade, it is used and I have no usage for it. Fits Gov't/whatever one is the next smallest (CMDR or OFCR?) 1911s - guy used it with a 9mm RIA ULTRA TAC FS. $15+SH
OEM Site:

Also have a Checkmate Industry (CMI) Govt/LE-issued (not like that matters!!!) 15rd 92FS/M9 9mm pistol mag, I swapped to 20rd MecGar's on my 92FS, and had this stupid OEM one laying around jacking up my color scheme. No idea of the round count, thing is probably half my damn age $10+SH

As always I accept PayPal, F&F or add 3.5% - I will ship via USPS, FedEx or UPS it is your choice, USPS will be the cheapest, but again, your choice.
I am receptive to PMs as long as I get them on Tapatalk, if anything else comment on this thread

The first "I'll Take it" or "I want this" can have it, I am traveling to visit a Client and will be leaving Ohio to Detroit in the afternoon and not returning until Monday afternoon - so time your purchases accordingly.

Thanks in advance!

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Bumping this since I am actually back in Action...I cannot edit it (shocker, recurring theme here in Planet Classifieds) so things have changed here is an updated listed

I am shipping from Columbus, OH - will do local meets within 40 minutes of the Polaris area if anyone is around here...if not, send me some PayPal and I will send you shiny new stuff

- Burris FastFire II: BNIB, comes w/ the Pic/Weaver rail adapter - $200 OBO
- Vortex SPARC-II: BNIB, installed the high rise, includes box and hardware - $140 OBO
- 6K+ 9mm Brass, forgot if it was cleaned or not... $100 OBO
- UTG Yugo/Zastava AK47 Quad Rail w/ Shims $50 OBO
- Magpul Zhukov-S Yugo Folding Stock $90 OBO

- LOCAL PICKUP: 8# Universal Clays, Sealed $160
- LOCAL PICKUP: 5K Ginex Small Pistol Primers (same people who make S&B/Xtreme Primers) $100
- LOCAL PICKUP: 1080rds 123gr WPA 7.62x39 $200
- LOCAL PICKUP: 360rds 145gr FMJBT 7.62x51 British MilSurp L2A2 $0.40/Rd

I also have beauceup weapons I'm trying to unload - but anyone who is local, feel free to PM me
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