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I must respectfully disagree. There have been many times in my life (almost daily) when I make decisions on facts rather than emotion. You are correct in the fact that my emotions come first, but in the end the facts are what make my decision.
One of the reasons I have lived to be 57 was coming to the realization when young that making decisions based on emotions was either going to get me killed or in prison. Not that I didn't try when I was young. :tango_face_grin: Acting on pure emotion only is a young mans folly.

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did you say that when you asked your wife to marry you? ;)

and in my opinion, all major decisison are sprung from an emotion. you disagree, that is ok, we might both be wrong, or both right, :)
If I acted on a feeling, I would have asked her immediately. Do you think I acted on a feeling when I asked her 3 YEARS LATER?
I considered the options. I considered the consequences, positive and negative, and I made the right choice based on the available facts.

Don't try to muddy this up. Your entire life revolves around you making decisions, and they aren't based in emotion.
We aren't both right, and we aren't both wrong.
Criminals act on emotion. Children act on emotion. Responsible adults act on facts.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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