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Finally some resistance in CA

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Had my radio on while I left work today and heard this commercial-

I was blown away there was a group like this in CA and even more blown away they were playing a commerical on the radio (which isn't cheap in this market).

Looked them up online and was even more amazed their HQ is in Santa Barbara which is a VERY Liberal city just outside of L.A.

Glad someone is finally fighting back!

From their Mission Statement:

So, "where are all the people coming from?" asks one CAPS TV commercial. It's a good question because based on U.S. Census figures, people aren't moving to California from other parts of the country. For years, more Americans have been leaving California than moving here. So, where were all the people coming from? Most Californians already know the answer. The state's growth is a product of mass immigration. More than 98% of California's population growth over the last fifteen years can be attributed to mass immigration and births to immigrants.

That's why CAPS advocates slowing mass immigration to more sustainable levels and a deliberate approach to family size.
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Auburn University had some dipshats that tried to cause some nonsense. Well, the AUBURN University Police Shut these snowflakes down. Note to Berkeley, hire some AU Poe-Leese and they'll shut this shat down...

Auburn University Police to Protesters: Remove Your Masks or Be Arrested | Fox News Insider
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