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Not too many choices out here in the hinterland unless you are willing to drive 30 miles or more, one way.
In our one stoplight town we have: Ace Hardware, NAPA Auto Supply, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Winn Dixie Supermarket. Oh, and one gun/hunting store.
That's it.
The Ace Hardware in the next town down the line, 16 miles, sells guns and ammo too!.:mrgreen:
Nearest Tractor Supply is in the next county - 30+ miles. It's brand new, we used to have to go into another state (Georgia).
Nearest WalMart is on the other side of our county - 36 miles one way.

My wife hates malls as much as I do, thank goodness. We enjoy the peace and quiet where we live.
Besides, with on-line shopping FEDEX and UPS brings it right to the farm and drops it over the gate.;)
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