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F*** your soda ban Bloomberg you twit!

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I just really cannot understand why on earth anyone would want to live in that state..........
The problem is, like in all of the US, that cities with the largest populations run the show. Everywhere I have ever been, the state fell politically in line with the cities if the city populations were high enough. States with only smaller cities (or a higher rural population overall) are spared being subjected to the far left's whims.

Go out to rural NY or Illinois. You'll get a whole new perspective than what is portrayed by Chicago or NYC.

Unfortunately, although the way presidential elections were run (Electoral Collage) was SUPPOSED to spare the US to this phenomenon, it appears that as the cities start to take over more states, the US is starting to be taken over by the more populated states, causing this mess to spread.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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