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As prepping culture and life picks up momentum and popularity, we can reflect what events transpired that caused the American shift towards self reliance and less on established infrastructure, government, and currency. We started to prioritize a 401k of food, water, defense, barter, and subsistance over what used to be retirement goals. How did we go from 9 to 5 into .22 to .50?

U.S. PATRIOT ACT: Following 9/11 the Federal Government set the first major precedent in violations of the Constitution. Widely accepted by the American People as a necessary action to prevent terrorism, this Act was the cornerstone that put every civil liberty under threat like a row of dominoes. It's effect wasn't entirely noticed until houses were entered without warrant, media was censored, assemblies of protest were violently dispersed, and DHS could arrest without charge and detain you for an indefinite period time. Our perception of trust was broken, our trust of the government to protect us and our freedom had been broken.

Stock Market Crash of 2008: When the housing bubble burst in 2008, we were awoken to corporate greed and irresponsibility. We saw what immoral CEOs and Bankers could do in a free market society. Americans started researching the financial practices and backdoor deals done with their hard earned money. We looked at the Fed Reserve and how they manipulate indices and markets. They printed billions of worthless dollars, inflating our monetary system without inflating our paychecks. Jobs were lost and people made homeless. Our entire idea of the American Dream was shattered instantly.

Government Scandal: Immoral acts, international incidents, voter fraud, special interest, media manipulation, misappropriation of taxpayer's money, borrowing more money than the country makes, privacy invasion, and undue process. The inability of the government to hold the government accountable for the past mentioned has allowed the decay of the republic as an effective institution. America sees no end to he buerocracy, pushing its people to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

These external factors have impacted the American household with higher food prices, fuel cost,less jobs, higher medical care costs, and general social decay of the nuclear family structure. Now we prepare, stock, shoot, grow, run, build, learn, and train to not incite rebellion or conflict. We see it as a matter of family and community survival. We look not towards Washington for salvation and another pointless bailout, but to our gardens, guns, family, and faith for protection and security.

Thanks for the rant prepper forums, hope it makes sense... :)

Instructor @ PrepCON
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