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extend ur devices battery life in which way

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Own S2 for years already…but due to some personal reasons not going to retire it yet ( anyone else??) Now its poor battery life is the major issue… but most add way too much weight and the phone that feels like a brick, right? But instead of buying a new one, get extra hours for a couple of extra weight on the back,worth it.

I was shock that I even can got an additional 3350 mAh which is an 185% boost over the standard I9300 2100 mAh battery now thanks to the famous MPJ. and it comes with a replacement battery back cover to accommodate the extra size in Black. Unfortunately, due to the added bulk of the battery, I have to shop around for casesthat fit on this battery.

The replacement back fits perfectly, and the camera is now less likely to get scratched in my pocket. But the most important part is how much extra time I got to play with my Galaxy S2 before another charge, I can say I’m quite impressed. it doesn’t add much weight, but does add enough extra juice to get my phone through the day. The stock one offer 10-12 hrs involving gaming, music playing, videos watching with WiFi/GPS on, while current one offers 30+.

wandering in which ways u prefer to extend ur devices battery life ??Lower setting or backup batteries??
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I've got a wind up device that is a flashlight, radio, and phone charger :D

Just got done charging my phone with it :)
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