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The second amendment has been torn down to basically nothing. Each state has it's own regulatory laws that they can pass, and do, remember laws only restrict freedoms. So in California (I don't know the paperwork process) but I know they can't own a firearm that holds more then 10 rounds.

Some other states have laws like "shall issue, may issue" Iowa was one of these until jan 2011, when it became a shall issue state. Basically this means you don't need a good reason to obtain a CCW, you just have to meet the qualifications, pass a test and you can get one. A shall issue state means that the sheriff or whoever issues them, can deny you for any reason he wants. Which is bull. I don't know NY laws, and maybe it is just that you have to file for it, and the paperwork process takes forever, or maybe they charge a boatload to file the paperwork....

I agree, 2nd amendment is a right that shouldn't have restrictions.
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