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First off I apologize for not being a more active member due to previous demands on my time but I will try to participate regularly going forth.

My question is, how long do you keep Expired Prescription Medicine on hand like Blood Thinners & High Blood Pressure after they expire in case of a TEOTWAWKI Situation as well as Iodide Tablets, Fish Amoxilan & Calcium Carbonate for Nuke Attacks? Is 1 year after the Expiration Date too late or in fact anything after the Expiration date not effective? I'm just trying to clear Storage Space & I don't want to throw anything out if they're still effective. Thanks
There is a place on my computer where I can type in ANYTHING. So, I typed in "Is it OK to use medicine after their expiration date"

Shazam! A bunch of answers to my question came up! I chose this one to copy/paste for you!

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