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Even if a large percentage of stations were lost within the pulse zone, listening to SW, will let you hear from outside the affected area to glean what information that will be available.
It would take a day or two for them to get a perspective on the scope of the disaster.
The pulse radius would be so large that you could be outside the transmitting radius of those medium wave stations of the EBS system still operating.
Gov broadcast stations like the military station out of Andrews AFB, MAINSAIL, will still be operating, they are emp proof.
They are not continuously broadcasting. If you never hear them, say in 4 hours, you can consider us pretty much screwed.
The are the backup to the military satcom system. They are on upper sideband at a freq of 11.175 MC.
They gave the go codes for the launch of the all the of the latest wars.
They are so powerful that you get two echo's from them when attack orders are given. I'm guessing a million plus watts.
The first is from the ground wave coming back around the planet and the second is from moon bounce!
The signal is so powerful that they peg my "s" meter and i am over 400 miles away from them!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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