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There are various lengths and types on the net in case you have to climb out an upper window if your place is on fire or zombs are trying to break into the room, so maybe every home should have one in every upper room-

Personally this coil of rope in the corner of my 3rd-floor room is my 'ladder' and it cost me nothing because I found it down near the harbour, it's around 50 ft long and about an inch thick so will give a good grip and I'll be able to go down it hand over hand after tying one end to a table. I should be able to reach the street before it burns through..:)
I keep that rucksack near it with my wallet, keys, papers and spare jacket in it and will either throw it out the window first or go down with it on my back-

PS- I used to live on the 18th floor of that tower block (the one on the right) in the english midlands for several years, and always had the gnawing thought at the back of my mind about how I'd get out in case of fire, as an escape ladder or rope would have to be about 180 feet long, and I didn't have either.
Luckily there was no fire while I lived there-
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