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Internet is a massive part of the masses communication. Internet withdrawal can also be heavy for people, its disassociating with ones normal activities, like other habits and addictions. An absence of social networking, email, skype or other services can effect those who use them.

None the less welcome. There is no doubt that the internet that is fibre optic cable plays a huge role. Luckily there are a lot of players so lots of fibre. It would take a lot to take down the internet. none the less this is why you can backup essential information, and use stuff like ham, or other technologies. Chances are there is no essential communication requirements except to get help in crisis. or keep situationally aware of geographically diverse issues. Ham can be a good hobby for this.
I am honestly looking forward to see how the fictional show on NatGeo on the 27th this month compares to the reality in Kona Hawaii when one fiber optic cable goes down. Do keep in mind that even though there may be lots of fiber optic cable laying about, Corporations have to pay real money for their signal to transverse each cable so they probably only use one and have no technical backup capability to instantly switch to another undamaged cable when their normal fiber optic cable goes down, much less instantly negotiate a financial arrangement with whoever has a working cable available.

With regard to ham radio, I found this person's Youtube channel [ USNERDOC ] has some good info on Ham Radio portable stations. [not even my channel for all the youtube haters out there]

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