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Maybe I'm just whining... but I would love it if we had an ebook archive on this forum for users to reference. I have almost 1000 ebooks related to prepping... from shelters... to canning... to butchering game... to tying knots... to military manuals. We post links and expect the users to go hunt down copies. Often... the links go bad. So... I'm curious if we could add a document archive on this forum and keep the latest and greatest documents on it?

First... I realize we have copyright abuse potential. So... we'd need a warning not to post those types of files or risk being banned (say... after the second offense) plus an option to "notify admin if you find something illegal) , and subsequently, a means of deleting said files.

Two... we need someone to manage it (i.e., build categories, replace bad copies with better copies, and remove duplicates or illegal files). I'll offer my services if admin agrees to this and will populate the initial section.

C... Well, I don't have anything else but wanted to use "C" for my next number. :)

Anyone have any reasons this won't work? Admin? Would this create a bandwidth issue for the site? Can this forum software support this?
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