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Dupont kevlar xp

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So if a person has an excessive amount of this fabric what would you guys think an appropriate use would be? Based off reading it's used frequently in bullet proof applications.. so ideas?
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That's a good idea
Wrap my BO Subaru in it.
Well I think I have enough to wrap at least a bus or random purchase馃ぃ
Backpacks. A friend made them for all his kids.
That's a really great idea.
I like @Auntie's idea.
Determine how many layers a professionally made Kevlar backpack insert uses, add 50-75% to that, and make your own.

Am I misreading the packaging? Do you really have 90 THOUSAND kilograms of Kevlar?
No not misreading but I have 5 rolls of the same size . Figure I will sell some too
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If you don't mind, how much did you pay for a roll, and what are the dimensions?
If you don't mind, how much did you pay for a roll, and what are the dimensions?
It's 63 inches by 100 meters. And honestly I got a deal on it .
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The way things are going on the road I'd insert some in the doors and rear seat/trunk divider, I've taken a few CHP car door panels off and they had Kevlar in them. We have had a few Freeway shootings in are area lately, another idea is to make a safe room in the house but I also like the backpack idea.
Yeah the highway shooting are scary . This is military grade kevlar so should be pretty durable to line a car with it. Might have to look into doing that.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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