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Dragon Heaters are the perfect choice for emergency and survival heating. They use no electricity, have no catalytic converters to wear out, produce no smoke and practically no ash. They are so efficient they can easily heat your space with small limb wood. Dragon Heaters use state of the art wood burning combustion chambers for a wide variety heating appliances. They provide a smokeless burn at an extremely high temperature that is extraordinarily efficient and results in virtually no ash. They require no electricity and do not utilize catalytic converters, so offer the ultimate in reliable low cost off-grid heating.
The unique wood burning combustion chambers (patent pending) are available for purchase separately for DIY projects such as:

Wood burning Heaters
Wood burning Dehydrators
Wood fired Kilns
Wood fired Furnaces
Wood fired White Ovens
Wood fired Grills
Wood fired Outdoor Heaters
Plans and kits for the various projects are constantly being added to the site. These plans are designed to offer premium performance at reasonable prices by facilitating the DIY approach. Complete plans and instructional DVDs are provided. The ultimate wood burning heater can now be quickly and reliably built.
Wood Burning Stoves, Heaters and Appliances - Dragon Heaters


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