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He probably seen the story the other day where they got away with it and thought he could do it himself.. I'm not sure where it was but I saw the other day where two douchbags robbed a gun store with baseball bats. They ran in and started smashing the glass and took handguns only. It was told they took $40-$50,000 in handguns in just under 3 minutes. It was like 40 handguns they took.. The guy working the store just said he did what they said and didn't fight back. It was some old guy. I guess he wasn't the owner and must not have been paid too good.. I think the guys still haven't been caught from what it said a few days ago..

I guess this guy wasn't so lucky.. Too bad he didn't try something and become dead douchebag.. Some people just don't deserve to live. This guy will be out in a matter of just a few years IF THAT and if you kept up with him within the next 10yrs I would bet dollars to pesos he will commit a violent crime and really hurt someone..
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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