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Do you have multiple Bug Out Bags?

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How many do you have? Do you have one for your car, your workplace, your home etc?
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just 2 one BOB one assault bag.
I have two BOB’s and a truck bag that’s more for emergency medical than a BO. I started with bags that were more like oversized camelbaks, but they didn’t have enough compartments. I’ve changed to smallish external frame packs. They’re not as stow-able, but I know just where to lay my hands on what I want without digging through everything.

I hadn’t considered an assault bag. I’m not clear on what would typically go into an assault bag. I have ammo belts and mag straps, but my weapons stay attached to my person.

My assualt bag, as fully loaded magazines, binoculars, extra ammo, portable gun cleaning kit, 2 days of food, flashlight, poncho and 2 pairs of socks, a fire starting kit, and emergency blanket. Basically it's my scout/assault, if i had to go out on my own for a day or so it would be so I could fight and run stay warm and get back to a safe place.
I have 3 BOB
1(for 3-4 hours) I carry all the time its small little day pack not much bigger than a briefcase . It is mostly water dry food and first aid
2 ( for 72 hours) My home bag is bigger and has more of the same as above a real BOB plus weapons
3(72 plus hours)2 duffle bags that go in truck more food, solid shelter making tools ammo
These are all works in progress still new so collecting items and info as I go along
Also found frame for one of those 3 wheel jogging stroller , trying to figure a way to make a collapsable gear carrier
I have multiple bags/kits with me.

My main bob is a work in progress. I have it kinda ready. But I can still use more stuff to add to it.

My secondary bag is more of a 2 day supply of emergency food and water for my truck.

My third kit is actually my main food and water supply. I put them in 5 gallon buckets that have food and water to last 2 people 3 days. I have 4 buckets ready to go. And I have a box of food and water to go with that, that has an additional 7 day supply of food for 2 people. But that is mostly if I have enough time. Not really a bag. But if i have 10 minutes to gtfo then I will get all of it.
I have only recently started prepping and to date I only have one bug out bag and an altoid EDC kit, but as I accumulate more stuff naturally they will become more bags for each member of my family, but as I'm going to be the primary, my bag will always be the most packed.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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