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Last year with Carry conceal passing in Wisconsin Wife and I gave everyone in the family new hand guns. While we all open carried the weapons everyone had were rather large for CC. The last couple years Birthdays have been long guns one type or another.
We understand Christmas is not about Santa and the gift thing. It is however a time when we do at least go along with giving gifts to family. As a family that is prepared we view firearms as a prefect gift.We worked our tails off to get to a point we can give so why not. Not every dime needs to go grandchildren education fund.
I had given though to this year making it accessories things like Scopes sights ect. But my wrapped way of thinking kicked in.
If you look at the market there must be many times the scopes and sights out there for every weapon on the market. Makes sense they are not regulated and in some cases cost nearly as much a a weapon does. If Obama and his followers manage to reduce the available weapons it will be to late to acquire the ones on your wish list. But accessories add on parts they will still be around for some time after the weapon is banned. I some times think if they banned the AR today there would be a 5 years or more supply of add on parts to be unloaded. Same for just about and rifle or hand gun.
Wife, sons daughter have enough hand guns I thinking long guns. I know a good 308 or 300 mag never goes to waste. Daughter has her 6920 now maybe a Adam Arms gas piston would fit well beside it.
So what is on you giving list this year the hardware or the accessories.
Even if it is not a gift do you what is you priority? That out outstanding scope or the next rifle.
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